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Orthodontics: Correct and necessary allignment to maintain your teeth and healthy gums…
Also to guide the eruption of permanent teeth and the development of the maxilaries.

Each time more adults and children are conscious of the enormous esthetic and functional benefits that an orthodontic treatment can provide; it can completely improve the appearance of your smile

Orthodontics Costa Rica
Orthodontics Costa Rica
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Invisalign - Costa Rica

Invisalign Aligned transparent plastic appliances are used to position and straighten teeth.
In this way you can continue with your daily routine during treatment. Unlike the traditional devices, these removable and not irritate your mouth with wires or metal parts.

The best way for you to discover the possibilities offered by Invisalign is to visit our clinic, have us assess your specific needs and, determine the best treatment plan for you.

Brackets - Orthodontics, Costa Rica
Brackets - Orthodontics, Costa Rica
The orthodontic with aesthetic or metal bracket!

The aesthetic brackets refers to the type of orthodontic bracket using ceramic. These are color devices similar to the color of the tooth or transparent.

The choice of treatment will depend on your desire to pursue a less or more visible orthodontic treatment.
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