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Endodontia.. A new treatment that can save your tooth!
Endodontics or root canal therapy involves removing the infected tissue inside the tooth, clean the root canals and fill them with a biocompatible material that allows to maintain the tooth in the mouth, without this change of color.

The most common cause is a deep cavity or a tooth fracture that leave the nerve exposed.

Another important cause are:

• a hard hit,
• fractured, maladjustment or absent filling.
• Occasionally an illness to the gums,

Causing deep pain, sensibility to changes in temperature, like from hot to cold, swallowing sweet or acidic foods or during chewing; in these cases a nerve treatment can save your tooth or teeth avoiding the extraction and future problems such as chewing and bite.

Endodontia Costa Rica
Treatment of Nerve
realised by the Dr. Marcela Vargas

Periodontics.. Deep gum therapy is the first step in preventing the loss of your teeth!
Periodontia means the tooth’s surroundings. Periodontal illnesses are slow evolving infections, where bacteria, fungus, viruses and microorganisms can damage the tissues and the supporting bone around the teeth, causing the gums to separate from the teeth’s roots and forming gaps; where there are infections, inflammation, and the formation of pus.

Peridontia Costa Rica

Gingivitis is the lesser form of periodontal illness and is characterized by irritation and inflammation of the gums, bleeding while brushing and bad breath. If it isn’t treated in time, it can change into pathological periodontics, that causes gum and bone loss provoking dental mobility and loss of teeth, compromising the esthetic and good function. If you don’t treat periodontal illnesses within a certain period of time, they can finally lead to the loss of your teeth.


:• In the initial stage of disease the treatment consists of cleaning called scaling and planing
around the roots of the teeth involved.

•In advanced cases may require surgery.

Plastic Surgery for your Gums
By means of new surgical techniques, like gum grafts and bone implants, plastic surgery allows us to return a functional and harmonious contour to your gums.
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