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Cavities.. Prevention and Control!
The main intention of modern, dental treatments is preventing the formation of cavities and the appearance of diseases.

Cavities are a breaking down of the teeth’s surface, caused by bacterial plaque. Plaque is a sticky film formed from bacterias that breakdown the sugars and starches in the foods we eat into an acid that dissolves the enamel. (Grade 1).

If the cavity is not detected and eliminated, it will interfere with the enamel and attack the dentin (Grade 2). Once the cavity has affected the tooth nerve, it will cause intense pain. (Grade 3).

Ultrasonic Cleaning: A Professional Dental Cleaning must be realised every 6 months.

An Ultrasonic Cleaning includes:
Elimination of bacterial plaque surrounding the teeth and gums.
Polishing that prevents the retention of plaque leaving the surface whiter and softer.
Application of flouride that remineralizes the enamel preventing cavities and dental sensibility.

Dental Sealants
It is a material that is applied to the surfaces of the back chewing teeth, like a barrier, protecting the enamel against plaque and acids. Children and adults can both benefit from this treatment.

Dental Sealants Before
Dental Sealants After

Sport Mouth Guards
A mouth guard is device made from flexible plastic, that is used during practices and games, to protect the teeth from any trauma.

Sport Mouth Guards
Sport Mouth Guards

Nighttime Sleep Guards
They are used to protect the teeth, in cases where patients profoundly grind the teeth and molars. Over time, this pressure on the teeth can wear away the teeth and fracture the dental tissue and in some advanced cases, the nerves inside of the teeth. The nighttime guard will help to reduce mistreating your teeth.

Nighttime Sleep Guards Costa Rica

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