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Costa Rica Can Give your Smile a Boost!!

Category: Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica   /   Posted 2014-11-06 14:40:35

Restore your Smile & Start flashing your Pearly Whites!

Many people would love to improve their smile, whether they have damaged teeth or simply wish to make aesthetic changes because they feel their smile are not attractive.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry involves the performance of a series of procedures to correct, improve and enhance the appearance of your teeth. A new look in your smile, give  you a positive psicological effect revolving around self esteem and self image!

Often, less than a perfect smile occurs because the teeth are not properly aligned, are dark, have damage enamel, bad shape, the size of the teeth are not proportional in relation  with the rest, missing teeth, gaps, asimetric gums, decay, broken teeth, incorrect bites or a previous bad procedures. Cosmetic dental treatments can correct  these  problems.

Common concerns that patients considering Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures face is about the price, but the news is that with new advances in technology it makes this procedures available in less time, together with a higher quality. This allows us to offer you substantially savings.

Another question is whether or not the procedure will hurt. Again modern advances in dentistry make  quick and painless procedures, making a great difference during your treatment.

 Cosmetic Dentistry  in Costa Rica performed with Dr: Paniagua and her grup of specialist offer affordable prices, but are  put off  by  exorbitant costs in  the United State and Canada.

According with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) the most common treatment  is teeth whitening, with lasers or bleach..

These treatment can turn your yellow, discolored teeth into the peaerly whites you desire, improving your smile appearance tremendously.

 Our patients have discovered the benefits of the cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, you may  just  find that a simple procedure can  make a life changing different and at price you can afford.

We invite you to visit us, our patients have discovered the benefits of the top  quality afortable dentistry in costa Rica , for less that you would pay alone at home.

If you would like to make an appointment  or if you have any questions or comments please call us from US & Canada to our  TOLL FREE NUMBER :  877.894.4505.

Restore your smile and star flashing your pearly whites!!